Creating an Oasis of Rest

May 30, 2023 | Bedding

The obnoxious buzz of the alarm sits you straight up in bed. You run to brush your teeth, throw on some clothes, and make sure you and everyone in your house are ready for the day. It’s fast paced from school drop-off lines to meetings to working out at the gym. The day is go, go, go. When you finally reach that time in the evening when you get to call the day done, are you eager to curl up in your bed, ease all the stresses of the day away, and rest peacefully hoping to never have to leave the comfort of your bed?

Comfortable bedding can affect your overall sleep quality, and studies point out that new bedding can enhance sleep. Getting good sleep can have a huge impact on your overall health. According to the National Institute on Aging, “an ongoing lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep increases your risk of health problems.” So how can you improve your sleep and create an oasis of rest in your bedroom?

Visit Cherrywood Market where we believe bedding should be comfy. It should invitingly reach out, draw you in, and repeatedly whisper to you to nestle yourself amidst the duvet and pillows and feel your cares slip away. At Cherrywood Market, we help you mix and match bedding to give you a luxuriously comfortable and relaxing bed for your home. We focus on helping you pull in different textures and different colors to create a beautiful and relaxing environment.

For starters, it is good to select a neutral color scheme to build the rest of your bedding around. Select your sheets and a good, neutral duvet or quilt to cover your bed. In order to convey comfort and fluffiness, you will want to have at least 4 to 6 pillows or two different sets of pillows at the head of your bed. Euro pillows are great for this. You can balance the pillows at the head of a bed with a cozy quilt or throw at the foot of the bed. Picking a color scheme with a main neutral color will allow you to change out a piece or two to help transform your room throughout different seasons and holidays in the year.

For example, if you start with a navy, white, and cream color scheme, you can use any combination of the colors, change them up with different textures and patterns, and gain endless possibilities for the look of the room. In the winter, a buffalo plaid quilt in navy and white could lay at the foot of the bed on top of the cream duvet. A large and cozy cable-knit, navy throw can lay on top of the quilt. As spring and summer approaches, the duvet can be stored, and a lightweight, navy and white toile-patterned quilt can adorn the bed along with a navy, lightweight throw at the foot of the bed. In addition to changing the weight of the bed covers, you can change the patterns to match the seasons, bringing in florals in the spring and summer and plaids in the fall. You can also add themed pillows in your color scheme to bring in a touch of the holiday season.

Changing out bedding throughout various times and seasons can seem expensive, but if you plan well, you can create a totally new look for your room with just a few, inexpensive pillows or pillow shams. Remember, start with your basics in a neutral color. Choose 2 to 3 colors for your color scheme and slowly add in quilts, duvets, and throws in the color scheme as you have resources to do so. Once you’ve built the textile foundation of your bedding pieces, you can add in pillows or pillow shams to add in textures, pops of colors, and newness in patterns. Pillow shams tend to be your lowest price point bedding item, so they are easier to collect and build an inventory of designs. Catching them on sale can be an even bigger score.

So what do you do with all the extra bedding you fall in love with and purchase from Cherrywood Market? It’s simple. You can store unused bedding in plastic totes with lids or in vacuum-sealed plastic bags for even less space requirements. You will want to protect your linens from moisture and dust while not in use, so be sure to neatly fold and protect them in a good, clean environment.

At Cherrywood Market, we are big believers in creating a cozy and comfortable bedroom to help you live life to the fullest. We would love for you to visit us for a complete bedding experience where we can assist you with mixing and matching different colors and textures in our linens to create the perfect restful oasis for your home.

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