Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season

Nov 9, 2023 | Christmas

A plush throw draped over the back of a chair. An ornament from childhood gently adorning a branch on the Christmas tree. A candle scented with warm seasonal spices flickering on a bookshelf. These are the cozy reminders for family and friends that the Christmas season is upon us.

As this “merry” holiday approaches, many ponder the décor that will be on display throughout their homes. “Many of us will bring out the items from years past that hold special memories,” said Pam as she recalled the Christmas ornaments she collected for her children when they were younger. “Ornaments that we have purchased for special reasons are known to us.”

For those looking for new holiday decorating ideas, Pam says to begin your idea focus on your front door. “It’s the welcome mat for your home,” she stated. Once you adorn your front door with a beautiful seasonal wreath, add welcoming objects, such as greenery, to flank the sides of your door. Christmas pillows on front porch benches or chairs will invite guests to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa along with delightful conversation.

Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season - Bedding
Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season - Kitchen & Table Top
Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season - Home Decor
Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season - Home Decorations
Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season - Home Decor
“Ribbons and greenery are a great addition to lighting sconces, windows, and even your mailbox,” said Pam as she continued with her ideas on outdoor Christmas décor. She recommends using faux greenery since it will not wilt or die, and it will last the entire season. “You may pay more, yet in the long run, you can use it for years to come.”

When friends and family enter your home for gatherings, you want them to sense the presence of the holidays. “Scented candles or melts are a great way to invite guests in,” said Pam. She also suggests letting the smells of holiday cooking fill your home before your guests arrive, and if you are not a person who enjoys cooking, you can still bring the scents of fresh apples, cinnamon, sugar cookies, and pumpkin spice into your home through candles.

“Making your home cozy and welcoming for the holidays, to me, consists of beautiful Christmas decorations, throws, pillows, greenery, and lighting, which can be candles lit or lamps adorned with greenery,” Pam said as she continued with her ideas on interior holiday décor. “Decorating your fireplace mantel and hearth can be such a focal point in your room,” she stated. Garnish your fireplace mantel with greenery, berries, ribbons, bows, and stockings for Santa to fill. Place lanterns, big baskets with throws, or small trees on your hearth to create a cozy space where your family and friends will enjoy gathering in your home throughout the holiday season.

Festive dining room décor will also move your guests into the Christmas spirit. “Using beautiful table settings brings your dinners or smorgasbords up a notch, and mixing and matching textures on your table brings interest to your table,” said Pam. She also suggests decorating your buffet and adding items on your kitchen counters or island. “If you don’t have a formal dining room, there is no need to worry. You can decorate your kitchen table.”

Pam goes on to state that there are so many great ways to bring Christmas into your home. “You can do as much or as little as you want. It’s all about your preference.”

Are your guests staying at your home through the holiday season? If so, then bringing Christmas bedding into your bedrooms is an inviting way to make them feel at home. Place a bed tray in the room with items they may need, such as a jar of Christmas snacks for late night munchies, hot cocoa packs and mugs for their convenience. A small tree on a nightstand along with some Christmas books will keep your guests in the Christmas spirit throughout their extended stay.

On a final note, Pam encourages the holiday décor enthusiasts to place Christmas hand towels along with a few other festive items on bathroom counters to bring the holidays into every room. She also states that Christmas pictures are an additional great way to add the holiday season to any room. “Pick out pictures that can easily hang in place of your regular décor. Small pictures can be placed on easels in bookshelves or on counter tops.”

The Cherrywood Market team is dedicated to helping you not only for your everyday décor needs, but also for your holiday décor needs as well. Getting your home ready for the holiday season early allows more time for you to make plans with family and friends. Let Pam, Neeysa, and Jessie help you “stress less” with decorating ideas and advice that will make both you and your guests feel at-home for the holidays, because spending time with loved ones and making memories to last a lifetime are what makes the holidays joyful!

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