2024 Interior Design Trends

Jan 5, 2024 | Home Decor

In ancient Roman mythology, a figure named Janus was worshiped as the god of change, transitions, and new beginnings. Janus is always depicted with two faces on his head, one looking to the past, and one looking to the future. If you’ve ever wondered how the month of January got its name and reputation, now you know. We have Janus to thank for the concept of New Year’s resolutions, as the idea of symbolically transitioning from ‘old’ to ‘new’ comes from him, and even predates the founding of the city of Rome.

Now, as we transition from one year into the next, the tasteful and clean “sad beige” that predominantly flourished in the 2023 interior design spaces will dwindle more and more. Patterns indicate that upon entering the new calendar year, more people will diverge from strictly simplistic and begin reincorporating mood and attitude into homes with audacious pops of colors, interesting metal accents, and more.

Cherrywood Market owner Pam Biddle acknowledges that staple neutrals and creams will continue to be big in homes, but bold and deep colors have been creeping back into popularity and will continue to expand as the 2024 year plays out. Biddle says that she is personally drawn to charcoal as well as deep navy blues and greens, and points out that a look to nature can indicate what colors are coming back into widespread style… for example, the clay and rust tones you may see on the ground near a riverbed, or the dark greens you might observe on a tree trunk covered in moss. Using these darker colors can be a stark contrast to the beiges and greiges many have become accustomed to, but Biddle offers the advice that these colors may even be muted and “pulled off as a neutral” to create an easier transition for people who are not quite ready to commit to the full-on intensity of this daring new and trending color palette that is on the rise.

Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season - Bedding
Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season - Kitchen & Table Top
Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season - Home Decor
Preparing Your Home for the Christmas Season - Home Decor

The Cherrywood Market owner provided some more tips and tricks to adapt and make a steady, yet seamless transition toward ‘2024 bold’ and away from ‘2023 beige’, which begins with throw pillows. If it is too big of a jump to go from clean and simple to dark green walls, Biddle suggests starting small and incorporating color with pillows and rugs first. Bold pillows and an even bolder rug is a fantastic starting point for the New Year, and Cherrywood Market has some stylish, affordable options to start with. These pops of color will be just enough to draw in the eye, but not enough to be overwhelming. When in doubt, black is an easy way to begin putting pops of color into each room.

As far as fixtures go, gold will continue to thrive in 2024! This means that more modern champagne-y golds will still be around, as well as more classic antique golds. The old gold of the 90’s is out, to make room for more timeless and often more modern pieces. Alternatively, if you’re not at all a fan of the gold that’s been dominating the scape, 2024 will also host other old brass, black irons, wood, silver, and pewter fixtures.

When updating a home and creating a fresh start to a year, modernizing light fixtures is a great way to make big changes on any budget. If they’ve been around for a few years, the light fixtures, hardware on cabinets and drawers, as well as door knobs around your home are all things that you can update to refresh and make your home look next-to-new. You can make these changes with diligent and more affordable DIY’s, or even splurge on all-new materials and hire someone out to get the job done. Remember, it’s your home, and you have many options to employ to get it feeling just right! Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix heirloom pieces with new and fashionable trends. It is okay to look toward the past and future at the same time, and often those pieces that may be considered outdated are the ones with the most special memories tied to them. Embrace it!

Whether your home is the embodiment of a “blank slate” with white and creamy colors creating a lovely and airy feel, or you’re beginning to dabble in a more bold decor style that incorporates juxtaposition into your home, Cherrywood Market’s owner reiterates that ‘home’ is an individual space and should always represent the people who reside within the walls. Trends are great to explore, but ultimately, interior design should be a means to self-expression and not a box to get trapped in. Pam Biddle truly believes that in a home, “Everyone should be surrounded with colors, things, and people [they] love,” whether it’s in style or not!

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