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Everything begins with an idea…a dream. Cherrywood Market’s story begins that way. Pam Biddle had an idea…a dream…and she put the wheels on it. From her garage on Cherrywood Lane, she started with a few shelves of home decor items and big plans. If you know Pam, you know she has the innate ability to turn anything she touches into a masterpiece. She has designed interiors for years and staged homes for realtors, creating a space to help buyers envision the property’s potential.

Pam is now the owner/operator of Cherrywood Market in Albertville, Alabama with a dedicated team. No longer on Cherrywood Lane, her vision and hard work have propelled her into inhabiting an old feed mill, where she fills every corner with unique home decor items, displays, and timeless furniture pieces that people have come to love!

Cherrywood Market is certainly not “just a home decor store”. Pam is dedicated to providing a shopping EXPERIENCE with an intentional focus on hospitality and customer service…and she is doing exactly that.



From my earliest memories as a child, I remember loving beautiful homes. Every time I visited someone’s home, I would draw the home and place the furniture in the drawings. I constantly moved the furniture in our house growing up, and I would do the same in my friend’s homes when they would let me. My friend Lynn and I would rearrange the furniture in her home on a regular basis. That was our pastime when we were together, which was very often.

As I grew up and moved out of my mom and dad’s home, decorating my new space was always my first priority no matter where I moved. I love decorating. I believe everyone’s home should be the place where they feel the most comfortable. For years, I’ve had friends call and ask me to help them in their homes. I have always loved the challenge of taking something and making it pretty.


Pam by bookshelf in store

After seeing pictures I had posted of my home in 2017, a person I knew contacted me and asked me if I would decorate her home. What started as a one room project turned into redecorating her whole house. We searched all over for items for her home. While searching, I came across a place with a business model that I thought would be a good fit for me, so in 2018, I started in my garage with two shelves of merchandise. One by one the calls started coming in to decorate other homes, so the plan was to have merchandise on hand to decorate those homes. Every dime I sold went back to build more inventory.

As the inventory kept coming and selling, I started to outgrow my garage. I began looking for a new space to house the inventory. My first paying client had grown into a great friendship, and her son owned a building in Albertville, Alabama, where I lived. She kept encouraging me to go look at the building. It was empty, so I finally did. If needing the space was meant to be, I prayed that God would show me where I needed to be. It was pouring down rain the day that I looked at the building. I sat in the parking lot for a while just looking at the building and the potential it had. I knew in my heart that this was where it would all start.

Cherrywood Market’s home is in the Old Denham Feed Mill Building, a place I visited quite often as a child with my dad. Little did I know this place would mean so much to me one day. My vision of the business has grown quite a bit since I opened the doors at this location, but God willing, those dreams will keep coming true. I believe in my heart that this is what I was meant to do.

I love meeting people and helping them make their spaces beautiful. Building friendships along the way is an added blessing. I guess you could say that I have an entrepreneur spirit. It runs in my blood. As the adage says, “Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” I am doing what I love! My only regret is that I didn’t follow my dream sooner.

Neeysa at the front counter



As a person fully motivated by challenging situations, Cherrywood Market drew like a magnet. After having retired twice from healthcare management and returning home to a somewhat normal schedule and life, I found myself “invited” to help bring order to the business side of the operations of Cherrywood Market. Immediately the water was deep, and the challenge of learning retail and bringing order and process to a very busy business was an almost overwhelming challenge. My sweet sister-in-law, Pam, knew the details, but they were all in her head. As Pam and I waded through the previous year, month by month, transaction by transaction, a story of retail, on steroids, unfolded. The story of Cherrywood Market was a story of rapid growth, of ever-increasing customer satisfaction, of community involvement, and of incorporation of other businesses. In short, it was lightening in a bottle. The growth
was so fast, and the load was so heavy for Pam, that efforts to build the supporting infrastructure and process were left behind.


Could I help her? Could I help Cherrywood? Having worked solely in the corporate world, and since I didn’t know retail at all, I wondered. Would I help or hinder? I really wanted to see Pam bring to fruition her dream of a successful business in home decor. Her passion was contagious, and her plea for help could not go unanswered. Not by me anyway. So here I am, learning every day, enjoying every interaction, challenged beyond belief and loving Cherrywood Market.

I am studying not just retail businesses and how they function but also interior design. I love a pretty home, and I have seen and experienced the impact of workplace surroundings on productivity and quality of work life. Since being here, I have recalled many instances when I have personally painted my office, bought some plants, and rearranged the furniture of my workspace to make it truly me. Whether at work or home It’s important to one’s very sense of belonging to “nest,” to create a space that increases comfort, decreases stress, and makes one calm and at peace with the world. That is what Cherrywood Market does best, and I am happy to be a part of something that spectacular!



I love working at Cherrywood Market for so many reasons, but the main reason is the opportunity it gives me to see my mom’s dream come true. What makes it even better is that I get to help her achieve those dreams as I watch the business grow.

I’ve never been the office type. I tried that before, and it just wasn’t for me. At Cherrywood Market I get to be creative every day. It’s always something different, and I love that about this job. I also love that this is a family-owned business, and the people who work here that aren’t related become like family. We are all very close, and we all have an opportunity to share our opinions to make us better as a team.

It’s a joy to wake up every day and do something you love. I love helping people, and Cherrywood Market allows me to do that every day.

Jessie arranging flowers

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